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Automated Forecasting


Redefining the Way Power Markets Operate

At Enertel AI, we are dedicated to redefining the way power markets operate. Our AI-powered software platform is designed to help energy companies and traders analyze data and make informed decisions in real-time. We believe that by leveraging the power of AI, we can help our clients achieve better results and drive the future of power markets.

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Automatically detect transmission outages that matter to you

At Enertel AI, we highlight the transmission outages that correlate with a shift-factor at your node and automagically add them to your prediction models.

The Bleeding

Rafal Weron on electricity price forecasting.

The Wroclaw University professor provides an overview of EPF at the recent HITS Colloquiam. Watch video.

Long term timeseries forecasting with TiDe

Recent work has shown that simple linear models can outperform several Transformer based approaches in long term time-series forecasting. Read the paper.

Hierarchical forecasting in Python

Large collections of time series data are commonly organized into structures with different levels of aggregation; examples include product and geographical groupings (and generation forecasting). Read the paper.

AutoML for Architecture Search

One of our mentors through Next Canada, Frank Hutter, helps aggregate many learnings for Neural Architecture Search.

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